How can Albion Machine & Tool help you today?

Albion Machine and Tool LLC (AMT) is a company that combines human talent with generations of experience to add value for a variety of customers and markets. AMT serves several major food processing companies supplying a variety of Mill Rolls and Flaking Rolls that are designed for the customer. The same rolls can also be repaired and maintained to the customer specifications in cooperation with AMT. For the automotive market AMT has extensive experience and capabilities in manufacturing and repair of shafts along with a variety of pulleys, spindles and roll repair. Leveraging the machining and grinding capabilities AMT can rework journals and bearings to the customer’s specifications while saving the customer thousands of dollars.

Albion Machine and Tool LLC offers complete design capabilities (SolidWorks Platform) along with extensive testing capabilities. If there is a need for FEA (Finite Element Analysis) the support staff at AMT can provide this. Fixturing design, gage development, tooling, and special machines are all within the capabilities of AMT. Our engineering staff provides the most advanced designs for mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic applications from concept to completion.

AMT is proud of our long standing reputation for excellent workmanship and on-time delivery. Today, Albion Machine remains committed to providing on-time delivery and high quality parts and customer service.

In 2014 Albion Machine and Tool was acquired by Caster Concepts and now combines their core competencies with the wide array of capabilities that are a part of the family of companies at Caster Concepts. When you mix the mechanical engineering skills of Conceptual Innovation, with the extensive machining skills of AMT, The Machine Center, Triple E LLC, the Fabrication capabilities of Fabricating Concepts, and the polyurethane capabilities of Reaction Industries you have the opportunity to create significant value for the customer.

Think Albion Machine and Tool LLC for the most challenging projects.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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