Albion Machine & Tool | Industrial Machining | Michigan

Albion Machine & Tool Facility (30,000 Sq. Ft.)

The Albion Machine and Tool LLC manufacturing facility is located at 1001 Industrial Blvd in the Albion, Michigan Industrial Park on the west side of Albion. The facility totals 30,000 sq foot. There is 3,000 sq foot of office space. 15,000 sq foot is cement block and was built in the mid 50’s and the newest addition was done in the early 70 with 12,000 sq ft of high bay metal construction.

In 2015 the heating system was completely revamped and new LED lighting was added to all production areas. In 2016 the entire building was painted on the inside. These improvements provide a well lit, comfortable work space for each employee.

Albion Machine and Tool LLC specialize in one off or production of shaft and roller work. Machining and grinding to high tolerance is well within the capabilities of AMT. Typical parts that you might be looking for from AMT would be- Mill Rolls, Flaking Mill Rolls, Leveler Rolls, Pinch Rolls, Pivot Rolls, Sheave Wheels, Brake Wheels, Crane Wheels, Crowned Pulleys, Back Up Rollers, Spindle and Journal Repair and many more variations of wheels and shafts.